Aberdeen City Council Energy Efficiency Initiative


Infrared thermographic survey of housing stock to measure energy efficiency and create ADHERE portal


irt surveys have consistently provided a reliable service.  Their clear reports have helped us identify those properties to target for insulation upgrades in order to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards across our Council housing stock.  We will be working with IRT Surveys again in the future and I have no hesitation recommending them.
Janice Lyon, Home Energy Co-ordinator


Our client

Aberdeen City Council, situated in the North East, is one of the 32 local authorities in Scotland, covering an area of 186 sq km. It has an estimated population of 228,990, the 8th highest council area total in Scotland. This accounts for 4.3% of Scotland’s total population.

The public sector housing stock as at 31 March 2015 comprises 22,328 dwellings, 5,424 of which are houses.

Aberdeen City Council Energy Efficiency Initiative

Aberdeen City Council lead an initiative to help council tenants and other Aberdeen residents better understand their Home Energy efficiency and create a portal where they would be able to access the data relevant to their homes. They engaged the serviced of IRT surveys ltd to conduct infrared, or thermal, imaging surveys to assess residents’ properties energy performance so that informed decisions could be made regarding their refurbishment.

IRT surveys Solution

Infrared Thermographic survey conducted by certified IRT surveys thermographer.

Thermal image of the front elevation of each of 7,500 homes taken.

Energy calculations carried out using SAP2012 to give an estimation of the current EPC rating and potential energy savings from refurbishment measure.

Data and images uploaded on ADHERE [Aberdeen Domestic Home Energy Reporting Engine] website www.myadhere.co.uk.

Survey Findings

Thermal images show regions of heat loss from the property, estimated energy rating, CO2 and cost associated with the additional energy loss.

Potential energy savings from property refurbishments are calculated and shown in occupiers’ personal home report page.

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Thermal imaging showing energy efficiency rating and saving

Aberdeen Home Energy Efficiency Features


Benefits to Aberdeen City Council

  • Independent survey.
  • Accurate and reliable results.
  • Fast turnaround of results.
  • Clear evidence of energy loss and savings.
  • Unique code created to deliver free energy audits to residents.
  • An uptake of more than 35% from residents.
  • HEEPS budget used to meet engagement targets.
  • Highest engagement from Non-Fuel Poor Urban owners in semi detached properties built between 1910 and 1947 with gas boilers


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