Building disputes: Why infrared thermography is the judge and jury

Category: Detect & Inspect Property Defects


Nobody likes paying for someone else’s mistake – particularly when it comes to building disputes.

Whether it’s disparity between ‘as built’ and ‘as designed’ performance, a long standing problem that’s escalated in recent times or undetected defects with the potential for long term, costly damage, one of the biggest problems with defect detection is establishing exactly what, and who, is culpable for the problem in the first place.

That’s why we’ve created this paper highlighting five real life cases IRT Surveys has helped to solve with infrared thermography.

In each of these horror stories, we used infrared technology to not only visually reveal the extent of problems but also provide undeniable evidence of the cause, thus resulting in the guilty parties stumping up the cash to rectify the issues.

That’s why we’re calling infrared thermography the judge and jury of defect detection. By leaving nothing to speculation, the approach is helping to revolutionise the building industry by helping the good guys prosper while the bad guys falter.

Included in the paper are the cases of:

  • the five year dispute between landlord, tenant and building surveyor;
  • “the door in the roof”;
  • the BREEAM ‘excellent’ sports centre;
  • the DIY tenant;
  • and the “£500,000” leaky roof.

Discover how infrared thermography helped deliver justice in each of these cases and ensure nobody was left paying for the mistakes of someone else.

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