Cold and Damp Seal 1 day Building Maintenance Seminar

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Cold and Damp Seal’s “The Whole House Approach” 1 day Building Maintenance Seminar in Stoke on Trent

Stewart Little will be amongst other guest speakers in Cold and Damp Seal’s 1 day seminar to be held on 24th June in the Conference Centre on Normacot Road  in Stoke-on-Trent. He joins a number of industry experts who will discuss best practice, new technology and product developments and how businesses can avoid the pitfalls others have experienced when improving and maintaining buildings for their businesses.

The seminar hours are 10.00 – 14.00, be there for 9.30 refreshments and lunch is available and to avoid disappointment it is advisable to book, contacting Graham Farrall on 01407-720399 & 07769-721369 or Email:

Can your Business Afford to Fall into the Same Mistakes Others Have Made?

Colin King the Director of BRE Wales, warns:

  • 2000 homes he surveyed with external wall insulation installed 100% failed
  • Harm to houses and health from badly designed and installed wall insulation. (EWI).
  • Current drive to clad older houses with external wall insulation (EWI) runs the risk of ‘trashing the built environment’ Colin reports (May 2015)

Guest Speakers and Topics

This special seminar will examine how to avoid the risks currently being faced when completing insulation projects. The seminar will bring together a number of industry experts who will instruct you how to avoid common mistakes most make.

1.     Doing the job once. Learn best practice from experts.

2.     Prevention is better than cure.  Avoid the cost of re-treatments

3.     New Technology and Product Development.  Save yourself money and time 

Brian Lee – An insight into EWI, 40 years experience.

Regenus Tesla – Renewables / infra-red heating and hot water boilers.

Stewart Little – Infra-red surveys – the results.

Nigel Alltimes – Nano Tech Coatings… Do they work?

Graham Farrall – Thermal Coatings… Do they work?

Nuaire – The Benefits of Positive Pressure Fans.