Council uses thermal imaging for city image

Category: Analyse & Quantify Thermal Images

IRT Surveys has been working with aerial thermographers to help Aberdeen become one of the most energy efficient cities in the country.

At a time when innovation is key in the UK’s quest to reach carbon reduction targets, Aberdeen City Council has once again shown itself to be one of Scotland’s most progressive bodies by utilising thermal imaging for its own property stock.

The council will capture information about the city with fly-overs to produce an up-to-date interactive thermal map of Aberdeen as a whole, highlighting problem areas in terms of location and house types.

It’s the second time such a project has been conducted in the city and the results will allow the council to assess progress in energy efficiency since the initial survey in 2001.

Thermal imaging is the most effective and visually compelling way of detecting heat loss and the project will clearly indicate the direction the city must go in to reach targets.

By bringing energy loss to life, infrared thermography allows property owners to literally see where their properties are losing heat (and money), allowing for prioritisation of refurbishment programs. Now more than ever, such concrete evidence of problem areas is essential, particularly given the increasing complexity in the funding mechanisms available.
Once completed, Aberdeen City Council will display the information online allowing viewers to zoom in on their individual properties and establish relevant energy performances. The information can also be used to target energy efficiency campaigns and highlight the available of grants for better insulating properties, including ECO and the Green Deal.

Council leader Barney Crockett said:

This is a fabulous way of looking at how energy efficient Aberdeen is as a city and it will be very fascinating to see the changes in the energy loss from city buildings since we last carried out an exercise like this a decade ago.

Aberdeen is the leading energy city and has done some fantastic work not only in the industry side, but also on the domestic side. I believe we are the only city in Scotland to be carrying out research of this sort and it will help us to sharpen our focus on what needs to be done where, to improve energy efficiency, warm homes, cut fuel poverty and make our city a greener city.”

IRT Surveys previously helped Aberdeen City Council with its insulation refurbishment program which was launched in 2005.

The object of the program was to assess and improve the quality of insulation levels within the council’s stock and saw 22,000 properties assessed for wall and loft insulation continuity along with the ther thermal performance of doors and windows.

With reference to the project, Janice Lyon, then Home Energy Co-ordinator at the Council, said:

This council has worked with IRT Surveys for the past three years, during which time they have consistently provided a reliable service. Their clear reports have helped us identify those properties to target for insulation upgrades in order to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards across our council housing stock. We will be working with IRT Surveys again in the future and I have no hesitation recommending them.”

You can view the full case study here.