Identify your Home’s faults and Save Money with an Infrared Home Survey

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Introducing Infrared Home Survey Standalone Customisable Reports for Home Owners


infrared imaging of housing stock 

With fuel bills on a seemingly ever-increasing rise, keeping these costs down has become a major concern for many homeowners around the country.

In addition, you might worry that you have nooks, crannies and cracks that allow heat to escape your home, but are not sure how to tackle the problem.

This is a common problem for many homes, but worries about cost prevent many homeowners from taking action. The assumption of many is that a thermal survey will break the bank, but this does not have to be the case.

At IRT Surveys, we can offer a comprehensive home survey that highlights problem areas in detail and outline just how to proceed for a warmer, well-insulated home.

Common Problems

identifying leaks and cracks in buildings with infrared survey imageFor many homeowners, losing heat through cracks, bad insulation and other avenues is an accepted fact of life.

You may have become used to putting up with draughts and chills in winter, taking a hit on your heating bills without even realising how much you could save.

This is a common picture – one that IRT encounters on a daily basis. Many homes have inadequate insulation and windows, amongst other problems, which can lead to a house leaking significant amounts of heat. Over time, this inflates heating bills until they become the norm and you end up losing significant amounts of money.

At IRT Surveys, we have come up with an effective, affordable solution to this widespread problem.

  • Many homes have problems with leaking heat, costing you large amounts of money
  • You may not even be aware that there is a problem, as higher energy bills have become the norm
  • At IRT Surveys, we offer a new service that can help reduce energy bills and help you shore up your house’s heat leakage

A Standalone, Customisable Report

energy report IRT surveysYou might assume that a thermal survey is something reserved for big businesses with lots of money to spend, but this is not the reality.

As thermal imaging technology has advanced, it has become much more compact and easier for small, or even one-man crews, to operate and interpret the resulting data.

At IRT Surveys, this made us want to make sure thermal imaging technology, and its benefits, are available to all. All of this led directly to our latest service.

  • Many assume that thermal imaging is simply too expensive for use on their own home, preventing them from seeing the savings possible
  • With advances in thermal technology, we can now offer a home survey for the same price as a nice family meal

We can now provide a bespoke report for your home, revealing regions of heat loss and much else besides, without you worrying about high costs.

Each standalone report contains one to four images of your property (depending on the depth of survey you desire) which can reveal just where heat is escaping your property.

Often, these escape channels take the form of cracks in the brickwork or edifice of your home, poor window insulation – such as poor seals, poor glazing or no double glazing at all, old or poor quality loft insulation, with many other causes besides.

  • 1 – 4 thermal images of your home, showing just where heat is escaping
  • Common problem areas are; cracked brickwork or cladding, poor loft insulation or broken seals and ineffective double glazing

Attempting to identify these problem areas by eye is virtually impossible and often means missing key problems, but there is no hiding from a thermal survey. In a short time, one of experienced crews can pinpoint record just where heat is escaping from your home and how bad the breach is.

Ratings and Savings

As well as making you aware of just where your house is losing heat, our expert technicians can use the gathered data to help you further.

As part of the survey, we will tell you your current EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating. Becoming more familiar over recent years, this is the rating of your home’s energy usage and typical energy costs.

As the environment becomes an increasingly important issue, these ratings gain more and more weight. For example, anyone renting or hoping to sell their home must know their EPC rating and pass the information on to new tenants.

  • An IRT thermal survey will tell you your EPC rating – essential for knowing your energy usage and expenditure

In addition to showing current problems and EPC ratings, IRT technicians can also advise on potential refurbishment measures that can increase energy savings. This might include calculating savings resulting from; insulated double-glazing, simple measures such as draught excluders, new loft insulation and a host of other simple, easy-to-implement measures.

Our technicians can then determine the improved EPC rating, if you take up the proposed improvement measures. This means great savings in the long-term, a warmer home and a bettered EPC rating, which is great for the environment.

  • As well as showing current your home’s problem areas, our technicians can advise on improvements that could greatly benefit your home and energy bills
  • Our knowledgeable team can also tell you your potential, improved EPC ratings after the recommended measures are in place
  • Combined, this means a warm home, lower bills and less strain on the environment