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Thermal Imaging News Roundup – IRT Surveys


With thermal surveys becoming increasingly popular across many different sectors, 2014 has been a busy and very fruitful year, for IRT Surveys.

This does not only mean new and bigger business opportunities, but also includes IRT Surveys’ participation in a number of interesting initiatives and bodies.

As the need for thermal imaging increases across all sectors increases – whether that means saving energy or increasing safety – IRT will continue to grow and seek out interesting, groundbreaking opportunities.

Horizon 2020

As well as cementing its place as the largest thermal surveying company in Europe, in 2014 IRT Surveys became part of a massive EU initiative known as ‘Horizon 2020’.

EU commission LogoAs the largest ever EU research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020 provides almost 80 billion euros to encourage “…more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.”

Running from 2014 to 2020, the programme hopes to promote and drive economic growth, as well as creating jobs and ensuring Europe is globally competitive.

Due to IRT Survey’s sterling work and growth – coupled with the fact that thermal imaging has a massive amount to offer the environment and businesses – the company has received a grant for their own Horizon 2020 project.

IRT Survey’s project aims to replicate the work of Google Street View, but with a twist. Instead of just mapping streets and byways, IRT Surveys wants to build a map with their imaging and analytical tools. This will allow for a comprehensive map of buildings that require the retrofit treatment. This will give a complete picture of just how efficient the average high street or side street is. It will also enable IRT to substantially add to the 200,000 houses and 16 million square metres of flat roofing surveyed to date.

Oxford Council

Oxford City Council LogoAs a display of the increased awareness around energy conservation and safety, Oxford Council added themselves to IRT Survey’s list of client in 2014.

Procured through the Scape Framework – a national framework through which local authorities and other publicly funded bodies can procure full building and related services – this contract will put a prestigious cap in IRT’s cap.

Administered by Faithfull and Gould, Oxford Council buildings will benefit from much better energy efficiency, as well as receiving comprehensive safety surveys.

BFA Accreditation

IRT Surveys, whilst centrally based in Dundee, has 11 franchised offices around the UK bringing in business and representing the company.

British Franchise Association LogoCommitted to helping every member of the business thrive, IRT provides extensive help and support to its franchisees because if they thrive, so does IRT Surveys as a whole.

This dedication to great working and franchise standards has seen IRT recognised by the British Franchise Association – BFA, for short.

The BFA’s main role is to help potential franchisees “recognise the good franchises and the not-so-good, as well as to help businesses involved in franchising to secure their own position amongst the good”.

With the BFA’s recognition and accreditation, IRT Surveys can proudly display their membership and show that they are a great, ethical company that treats franchisees as a core part of the business.

Testimonies from existing franchisees across the UK illustrate great working relationships with IRT, as well as highlighting the massive opportunities in this fast-growing industry.

FSB Membership

IRT Surveys is also proud to announce our new membership to the Federation of Small Businesses!

Federation of Small Buisnesses LogoAs part of the largest small business organisation in the UK, IRT stands to receive a massive amount of knowledge and guidance from the FSB and their years of experience.

Working to promote and safeguard British small businesses, the FSB also offers great legal advice, insurance, tax advice and a host of other great benefits.

IRT Surveys see membership in the FSB as another validation of their growth and looks forward to a long, fruitful relationship with the organisation.

10,000 Home Survey

As well as becoming members of a number of prestigious bodies and schemes, IRT also recently won a contract with Yarlington Housing to survey 10,000 of their houses.

Yarlington Housing Group logoThe aims of the project will be to assess carbon emissions from properties and help Yarlington Housing Association take possession of that. At the same time, another aim will be to help make homes more efficient and lift residents out of fuel poverty, which is becoming an increasing concern for many.

Speaking about this new, massive survey, IRT laid out there hopes:

“We are benchmarking their entire property portfolio for carbon emissions and enabling them to take control of the carbon value in the supply chain. Truly empowered decision-making tools as part of our deliverable to them. The aim is to use our data to leverage the most from the grants that are out there to raise as many people as possible out of fuel poverty whilst protecting the value of the housing stock and mitigating risk from upcoming legislation at the same time. Our reports will help the association meet their strategic KPI’s also.”

This massive survey will see both Yarlington Housing Association and their residents benefit from increased efficiency and savings – making the project a boon for both IRT Surveys and the residents of Yarlington.