IRT Surveys and Commercial Drone Operators Ocuair, Partner

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irt surveys and ocuair partnership

Steve Carrington, Rick Gill and Mike Edwards of Ocuair Ltd s with Stewart Little and Alan Little at the IRT Franchise Meeting in Birmingham, UK on 9 June 15.

IRT Surveys and Ocuair Partner for Aerial Energy Audit Surveys

IRT Surveys have always been at the cutting edge of technological innovation, and now are pleased to announce that in June we partnered with Ocuair the UK’s leading responsible commercial UAV, Drone, RPAS, UAS operator and who are experts in the application of this new technology.

Ocuair will focus on the East Midlands and South Wales before offering a national service through IRT’s regional offices.

ocuair logoAbout Ocuair

Ocuair are leading thinkers within this relatively new industry and this partnership will cement IRT Surveys’ their commercial offering in energy audit surveys, reducing risk for individuals during inspections and enabling access to previously difficult areas to conduct survey work.

Stewart Little, IRT’s CEO said:

“We are delighted to have Ocuair on board. Drone technology coupled to IRT cameras and IRT’s quantification software reduces risk on site whilst enabling vast defect and energy audit surveys to be completed quickly and safely – meaning we deliver even more value to our clients. Ocuair share our passion for technology and service, qualities at IRT’s core”.

Steve Carrington, Ocuair’s Commercial Director said:

‘Bringing drones to this type of industrial survey technique is a logical step, but together with IRT, the value this really adds is our ability to better show clients how they can save carbon, reduce their energy consumption and prioritise their expenditure.’

Now with Ocuair’s drones, equipped with the latest thermal imaging and radiometric data acquisition sensors, this partnership of drones and infrared thermography offer the unique ability to access difficult to reach areas and complete large projects.  This coupled with IRT’s unique thermal quantifying software means together the overall proposition is a world’s first.