IRT Surveys Shortlisted for a Vibes 2014 Award in Environmental Category

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Vibes LogoNow, with 12 years of growth and quality results under our belts, IRT Surveys has been shortlisted in the ‘Environmental Product or Service Category’ for the 2014 VIBES Awards!

Using state-of-the-art equipment and home-grown innovations, IRT Surveys has refined our craft so that we can provide quick, reliable analysis and easy to understand results. The aim has always been to show, clearly, just where property issues and energy inefficiencies are costing businesses and residential clients energy and money.


VIBES 2014 Award – Recognising Scottish Business Vision


The VIBES Awards – short for ‘Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland’, aims to recognise Scottish businesses that both benefit or reduce negative impacts on the environment.

At the same time, VIBE awards also highlight businesses that represent a partnership between the government, major agencies and business bodies.

  • VIBE Awards highlight Scottish businesses that benefit the environment and, at the same time, represent good inter-working practices between the government, large agencies and business bodies.

IRT Surveys – based in Dundee – has gained this recognition through our work in reducing energy wastage and, by proxy, promoting improvements to major builds and residential properties alike that strongly benefit the wider environment. This puts IRT Surveys firmly amongst the greenest businesses operating in Scotland.

The VIBES Awards press release noted about IRT:

“Its unique service and software can quantify the energy loss from residential and commercial properties producing potential saving in £s, kWh and kg of CO2 for each anomaly found.”

With the environment becoming a bigger issue by the day, businesses like IRT Surveys are gaining more and more notice. Moreover, with energy conservation becoming increasingly important, our services will only become more important.
In the same category are a wide range of businesses, all offering different services that impact the environment in a positive way. ‘Soilutions’, for example, deals in the remediation and improvement of soil and water on contaminated sites. Up the same award is Celtic Renewables, an internationally noted company that deals in the cutting edge of sustainable biofuels.

This illustrious company highlights just how far IRT Surveys has come in just 12 years and, at the same time, illustrates the great range of environmentally aware businesses taking root in Scotland and beyond.

Welcome Praise

With the founding of IRT Surveys back in 2002, it was not immediately clear how much of a market was out there for thermal imaging to detect building defects and heat leakage.Envision Software

Through years of refining and developing their methods – even building our own, patented ‘Envision Software’, which enables the quantification of collected images for energy loss – IRT always remained on the cutting edge. This was because we were sure that then need for energy and money savings was only going to increase in the coming years.

  • As well as developing our cutting-edge business, IRT Surveys has also developed patented, bespoke software in the form of our “Envision Software”.

By sticking to these beliefs, IRT Surveys has built itself into a successful, widely recognised business and all on its own terms.

The nomination for a VIBES award comes as welcome praise for a business that continues to help more and more people and businesses to save money and help the environment in one fell swoop, as IRT Surveys managing director states:

“It’s easy to concentrate on the financial benefits our clients enjoy from using our services, but the bigger picture is that we are helping businesses all over the UK to dramatically reduce their impact on the environment, so this nomination is a great endorsement of what we do and a win-win for everyone involved.”

The nomination for a VIBES award particularly means a great deal to IRT because it recognises our positive environmental impact, as well as highlighting the great service we offer. Back in 2002, the idea was to found a business that had a social conscience and impact, as well as a concern that could be successful. The VIBE award nomination is great recognition of the success of both aims.

Following site visits and judging, the VIBES awards will announce their winning businesses on the 27th of November, in a ceremony at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.