Leak detection through thermal imaging

Category: Detect & Inspect Property Defects


Leak Detection

Leaking buildings can cause big problems for landlords. Often tenants will with hold rent or demand reductions for poorly maintained properties. Using IRT’s thermal defect survey you can quickly learn the condition of the building and get faster leak detection by tracking them back to their source. The surveys are non-destructive and cause no disturbance. The warmer summer months provide an ideal time for carrying out flat roof surveys. The heat from the sun warms the trapped moisture below the waterproofing allowing the increased thermal capacitance of the moisture to radiate once the sun has set. This allows a very accurate detection of the trapped moisture leading to pinpointing of ingress sources. This can also be used to determine the best course of action when refurbishing a roof – do you overlay or strip completely. The thermal survey can show you the worst regions which need stripped and also the better regions which can simply be overlaid.