New funding mechanism for energy efficiency

Category: Discover & Diagnose Energy Inefficiencies

Robin Harpers HouseWe were delighted to see the introduction of the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Efficiency Programme recently.

The scheme aims to transform the energy efficiency of thousands of hard-to-treat properties across Scotland by funding key measures such as solid wall insulation and double glazing. It’s hoped the investment of £60 million for local authorities will help send Scotland’s worryingly high fuel poverty figures back in the right direction.

Older properties in particular are notoriously the hardest to transform in terms of energy efficiency and it’s highly encouraging to see these being primarily targetted.

Given many have been constructed with approaches and resources that are no longer in existence, property owners are under increasing pressure to establish existing or potential defects leading to heat loss – in other words, nothing can be left to speculation.

That’s why infrared thermography is absolutely crucial for any local authority keen to take advantage of the scheme.

While £30 million pounds has already been distributed to all of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, a further £30 million is available through proposal submission. To apply for this, the best prepared local authorities will ensure they have correctly prioritised refurbishment programs and are fully aware of their most troublesome areas.

At a time when the energy efficiency of properties is more important than ever, an increasing number of local authorities are using the most innovative new technology to survey their stocks.

irtbuttonFor instance, we recently wrote about a project with Aberdeen City Council which saw the entire city assessed by infrared thermography using flyovers. The results have allowed the council to identify problem areas and building types, ensuring any funding is spent in the places that need it the most.

Infrared thermography is particularly beneficial for local authorities as its non-destructive, quick and accurate approach allows multiple assessments to be carried out a timescale that is simply not logistically possible with more traditional techniques.

For instance, we recently assessed 250 properties in just two weeks for Clackmannanshire Council, visually revealing defects which were leading to heat loss.

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