More people than ever aiming to cut energy use

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download (2)This week, a fearful glance at any weather website will finally confirm what we’ve all been dreading – winter is here, and this time it’s planning to well and truly out-stay its welcome.

Yet while this would once have signalled the start of homeowners reaching for their thermostats, it seems 2013 could be the year of more layers as opposed to more energy use.

Despite some sources predicting the UK will be hit by its most unforgiving winter in decades, more people than ever are contemplating cutting their energy consumption as public awareness of the effects, both from financial and environmental points of view, has soared to an all time high.

This was reaffirmed last month when research conducted by IPSOS Mori for the Energy Saving Trust revealed that 53% of the 2000 adults surveyed had considered taking action after reading or hearing about the issue of rising energy bills. Meanwhile, 49% stated that they were willing to reduce their usage if it would ensure the country had sufficient energy to meet future needs.

This represents a huge spike in public concern for an issue that had traditionally occupied a lowly position in terms of the UK population’s long-term priorities.

It follows a tumultuous year for the public image of the country’s “big six” energy companies which culminated in two recently announcing further price hikes this winter.

Such public awareness, however, means this winter will be a busy one for IRT Surveys. In reference to the survey’s findings, Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing reiterated the benefits basic energy efficiency measures can have in terms of helping families keep warm and cut bills this winter.

Using our patented Envision software along with infrared thermography, we have already helped thousands of homeowners across the country escape fuel poverty by identifying such measures and providing visual evidence of the problems that are plaguing their properties.

House-Front-EnvisionedWhile the thermal image provides a simple, colour-coded breakdown of precisely where heat is escaping, Envision then uses this data to quantify the energy loss in monetary terms.

That means our surveyors can show you exactly how much money you are losing from defects while our detailed reports provide an accurate breakdown of the financial savings that can be made from specific refurbishments.

This ranges from window upgrades and double-glazing to draught proofing and lighting.

The holistic nature of the surveys arms homeowners with the kind of in-depth knowledge that is now needed to secure funding for energy efficiency measures – something you can find out more about in our recent webinar with the Energy Saving Trust – while the completely non-destructive and speedy process ensures surveys can be carried out without any inconvenience to the building’s occupants or those in the surrounding areas.

Watch the webinar below:

If you are interested in some specific examples of how we have helped UK property owners enjoy more comfortable winters in the past, check out our case studies. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us either by email or phone on 0845 519 3474 –it may well be the difference between comfort and discomfort this winter.