S63 Energy Action Plan made easy with Carbon Dashboard

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The Scottish Government has announced new regulations mandating that as of this September 2016, all commercial buildings over 1000 m2 must have an energy action plan put in place before they can be sold or rented. It is called Section 63 of The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009: ‘Assessing and improving our existing non-domestic buildings’.

This plan is required and supplements the already-mandatory EPC rating. It doesn’t replace it.

Mandating a S63 Energy Action Plan  is a huge step forward in our opinion and will really help Scotland hits its ambitious 2050 target for carbon neutrality. How the market will react is a different matter. I can imagine some sellers becoming paranoid about the impact on the valuation the report may have. So what should they do?

How about embracing the legislation and exploiting technology to deliver impartial advice that will help arrive at an optimised route forward?

Of course, every manufacturer of every energy saving device on the planet will promote their products as the silver bullet to compliance, but how can you be sure that Product A is actually a more cost effective solution than Product B? Do you really need a new roof? Or can you simply draught proof and change the light bulbs and save more?

If only there was a fast, low cost and impartial way to find out…..

Please sit down and steady yourselves before reading on…

There is!

Energy Action Plan Carbon Dashboard

[Click on picture to watch 4:30min video]

This is something we at IRT surveys have been banging on about for years. Since 2009, we have been offering and delivering exactly this service to our clients for their portfolios.

The IRT CarbonDashboard provides an automated “carbon diet plan” function – soon to be renamed Energy Action Plan – that roadmaps the reduction journey for you. Impartially, online and instantly.

Well, almost instantly, it actually does multiple calculations behind the scenes using SBEM to arrive at its conclusion before presenting you with your options – it’s long enough for you to make a coffee, but not much longer.

You can add further accuracy to your S63 Energy Action Plan by augmenting our world class quantified infrared thermographic images to your plan. This lets you see savings from defects and helps you truly understand the performance of your building fabric itself and drive the valuation northward.

If for example you paid for an extension to your premises, wouldn’t it be nice to see if it were built properly?

A survey will help you ascertain to true performance and hold the contractor accountable. Invaluable information, if you are selling the building and need to supply evidence of its current condition and performance.

Clients who have already benefitted from this service include –
• NHS – 40 hospitals and clinics.
Aberdeen City Council – 7,500 homes.
Yarlington HA – 10,000 homes.
• Scottish Federation of Housing Associations – 60,000 homes for 83 Housing associations.
• Edinburgh Council – 90 schools.
• Numerous RICS surveying practices
• Royal Holloway University (entire campus)

The carbon dashboard can be dual branded with your company or council logo.  If you would like to experience the dashboard, mitigate risk and minimise exposure from this immanent legislation – please get in touch today. Entire portfolios can be turned around very quickly.

The faster you act, the more compliant you become, the fewer headaches you get.

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