Thermal imaging highlights Westminster’s energy waste

Category: Analyse & Quantify Thermal Images

thermal imaging of the houses of parliament

We were delighted to help the Sunday Post recently with their freedom of information story regarding energy usage at Westminster.

The probe revealed a staggering 20% rise in electricity bills at the Houses of Parliament, taking them to just less than £3.5 million a year, while gas accounted for £800,000.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that heating systems had been turned on in September, despite fuel poverty levels across the country being at their highest ever levels.

As a result of these findings, the Sunday Post asked IRT Surveys to capture a thermal image of the property to visually reveal exactly where and how much energy loss was occurring.

Infrared thermal imaging is the most effective method for determining a building’s energy efficiency and in just three seconds, our completely non-destructive surveying method had highlighted Westminster’s real problem areas.

Our CEO, Stewart Little, said: “Very old buildings are often the hardest to transform in terms of energy efficiency so it’s little surprise to see these figures.

“It has to be remembered that these buildings are of traditional construction and built with approaches and resources that are no longer in common use.

“That said, technology for enhancing the energy efficiency of historic buildings is improving all the time.

“Our thermal image visually highlights the precise extent of heat loss and shows the amount of refurbishment that is actually needed.

“That means there’s a real opportunity for the Government ot lead from the front by using the results to prioritise refurbishment programs and get its bills heading in the right direction.

“Given UK property owners are being put under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprints, the same principles must apply to all public buildings.”

As well as the thermal image revealing a building’s energy loss, IRT Surveys’ patented Envision software also quantifies the loss in monetary terms. The image can then be uploaded to our Carbon Dashboard allowing clients to experiment with changes to the building fabric with real time ROI.

If you are interested in reading the full Sunday Post story then check out the PDFs of page one and page two.