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VIBES Case Study


Last year, IRT Surveys had the honour of being selected and then in November 2014, winning the VIBES Award category for Best Environmental Product or Service.

VIBES recently released a video from one of the judges that we’d impressed throughout the process and now VIBES have released their case study.

The judges were impressed with the replication potential and the future plans of the business. The system and survey techniques are currently offered through a network of 11 franchisees with the potential to increase this by a further 10. This replication would give full coverage of the UK.

Future plans are ambitious and proposals to link with the games industry is an exciting and novel approach which could include 3D modelling of the UK. New markets have also been identified specifically USA, Northern Europe and Latvia.

VIBES Award Category: Environmental Product or Service Award 

We’ve provided the link to the full case study from VIBES on the right, but here are just some of the highlightspdf-link


  • Innovative use of technology to provide non-destructive solutions to identifying energy loss from buildings. VIBES award category
  • Software enables users to learn the full potential of the properties by trying out various refurbishment scenarios
  • The surveys identifying fault finding mean that remedial action can be targeted to the area where it is necessary. This reduces reliance on resources by minimising use of materials, time and rework while improving the energy performance of the building.
  • Company software can accurately quantify potential savings in terms of kWh, CO2 and £s.
  • The company are franchising the product to provide an additional income stream. They currently have 11 franchises with a potential for a further 10.
  • Patent is pending in the UK.

IRT Surveys is a company committed to developing solutions to identify energy loss from buildings and highlight potential improvement scenarios. The visual presentation of the IRT Surveys product clearly demonstrates the benefits of installing energy efficiency measures and the impacts that targeting these measures can have on the overall cost/benefit of remediation.