Webinar – How to maximise ECO funding

Category: Discover & Diagnose Energy Inefficiencies

On-DemandAs we’ve blogged about extensively in the past, securing ECO funding for internal or external insulation requires a holistic knowledge of your building’s condition and energy performance.

That means no more guesswork, speculation or dubiety. Property owners must now gather data on actual building performance and use this to provide undeniable evidence of the measures that need to be implemented in order to improve energy efficiency.

As such, many are left with a seemingly never-ending list of technical questions they have little or no knowledge of – ranging from defects, hidden structural issues, condition of air tightness and so on.

That’s precisely why we joined with Andrew Eagles, Managing Director of Sustainable Homes, for a unique webinar showcasing the best practices and advice for maximising ECO funding.

Over 150 people attended the live broadcast and we’re delighted to make the on demand version available free of charge for anyone interested.

In the 30 minute recording, Andrew and IRT Surveys CEO, Stewart Little, outline the roadmap to securing funding and highlight exactly why ground-breaking infrared technology is empowering property owners to do just that – without the need for costly, time-consuming and unreliable destructive testing.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.