[Webinar] Visualising roof defects for the very first time

Category: Detect & Inspect Property Defects

Visualising roof defects for the very first time Impartiality is key to IRT Surveys’ service. At a time when openness is more important than ever, we pride ourselves on being an unbiased third party basing refurbishment advice purely on fact, rather than a focus on selling products.

That’s why the combination of independent thermographic surveyors and reputable contractors ensures clients can plan works based on evidence that is truly open, honest and reliable.

To highlight this, we’ve joined forces with one of the world’s most respected roofing experts, Bauder, for a special webinar exploring the revolutionary effect infrared thermography is having on the modern day roofing industry.

Discover how the visual results produced by the non-invasive, quick and cost effective technology are enabling the best companies in the business to equip clients’ roofs for the future, both in terms of energy efficiency and defect reparation.

Visually highlighting defects in an easy to understand way, colour-coded thermographic images also show exactly where (and how much) heat loss is occurring. Whether it’s a repair, overlay or strip and renew, Bauder can then use this in-depth data to take account of all considerations and ensure the client is given the best advice possible for refurbishment programs.

Using real life examples, our CEO, Stewart Little, and John Llewellyn, divisional director of Bauder, will look at how a combination of the companies’ services is helping clients plan for the future with unprecedented confidence.

We’d be delighted if you could join us so please book your place using the link below.

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