Detect & Inspect Property Defects

Detect all hidden defects with an IRT property inspection report.

IRT Surveys takes infrared photographs of your building defects to reveal every area of concern in a clear, easy to follow and impartial property inspection report.

1. Why choose infrared imaging

Millions of homes and commercial buildings in the UK suffer from serious defects that lie undetected until tangible consequences start to materialise.

Rather than attempting to diagnose these defects with destructive, time-consuming and ultimately speculative surveying techniques, an infrared survey from IRT Surveys will provide you with a detailed and impartial property inspection report highlighting exactly where the problems lie – and just how big they are.

Our aim is to take the stress out of defect detection. Our assessments are non-destructive and negate the need for drilling holes, erecting unsightly scaffolding, evacuating tenants or similar measures that cost you time and money.

Instead, it takes just three seconds to capture a thermal image capable of revealing a vast array of building problems. This enables our clients to conduct regular ‘health checks’ of properties as opposed to letting defects worsen.


Property Defect Ex: Cold air ingress via damaged/missing insulation – seen by the colder blue and purple colours.

Infrared thermography’s growing influence in defect detection is not only enabling property owners to diagnose defects, but also also helps identify the cause, be it poor workmanship, issues with tenants or general wear and tear.

Meanwhile, the speed and accuracy allows for efficient prioritisation of future refurbishment programmes that are guaranteed to target the most pressing concerns.

2. What you can expect

Each and every property inspection report we produce is based on fact. If your property is in perfect working order, we tell you that. If problems exist in areas that had not initially been suspected, we tell you that as well and offer impartial advice on the best course of action to take.

Crucially, we relay this information to you in the form of highly informative thermal images and detailed reports that do not require any technical knowledge to interpret.

As we have no vested interest in any product or service, our independent reports help you make informed decisions – whether you are tracking a leak, buying/selling a building or simply looking for cost effective refurbishment solutions.

3. Taking a holistic approach to defect detection

As Europe’s premier infrared specialist, IRT Surveys has invested in technology and equipment that ensures our defect detection service is as comprehensive as possible.

Property Inspection Report - Defect Detection

Infrared provides fast, accurate and non-destructive detection of a vast array of building problems including issues with roofing, walls, windows, floors, leaks and air tightness.

We also complement our infrared thermography with electronic leak detection (ELD) and Earth Leakage Leak Detection (ELLD) technologies to offer pinpoint accuracy on our assessments of flat and low-pitched roofs.

Our thermographers are located across the UK and have the necessary equipment and expertise to capture images of an entire property even when access is limited or restricted.

This holistic approach is necessary to ensure the ongoing good health of the nation’s buildings and ensure property owners meet government standards, pass building code test detections and maintain the value of assets or building portfolios.

Property inspection reports – what’s next?

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