Discover & Diagnose Energy Inefficiencies

Make informed decisions with an IRT energy assessment

  • Are you under pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of your operations and think you have tried everything?
  • Do you need to improve the energy performance of your buildings or housing stock?
  • Are you struggling to secure funding to implement energy efficiency measures?

Let us help you with your energy efficiency programme.

Get an energy assessment for your buildings portfolio.

  • Reduce guesswork and speculation by simulating variations, creating carbon diet plans.
  • See energy deficiencies and make informed data-driven decisions on refurbishment.
  • Predict potential savings from changes to draught-proofing, lighting, insulation and boiler upgrades.
  • No technical understanding required to interpret results.

We analyse the data of your commercial and industrial buildings, office blocks or housing stock with our bespoke software Carbon Dashboard or The House Survey.

We help you understand your data,
extract relevant and essential information
for you to make data-driven driven decisions on refurbishments
and leverage funding from utility companies.

Get an infrared thermal imaging survey for an energy assessment of your buildings, before and after repairs.

Using infrared thermal imaging technology, energy loss from these building defects can be detected

  • Missing cavities, wet cavities or voids in the walls

If you have housing stock or premises that had flooded for example, IRT can show you wet cavities, extent of damage to plasterwork beyond what the naked eye would reveal and also show you where any render has debonded from the fabric. Invaluable information BEFORE you repair the damage.

  • Gaps in cladding, wet insulation, badly fitted windows, water ingress, dampness, mould growth, delamination, voids, condensation, airtightness

All these building defects that have an impact on energy efficieny can be identified with an infrared thermal imaging survey.

  • Failed damp proof membranes (DPM), trapped moisture below concrete, wet timbers, gaps in insulation, pipework below, underfloor heating pipes

Any inconsistencies in temperature are easily detected and measured with an infrared thermal imaging survey.


– Over 250,000 properties worldwide already assessed with our state of the art Envision software.
– Reports based purely on data from thermal images, energy and SAP/SBEM data of your asset portfolio’s current performance.
– Impartial reporting and no vested interest in any product or service.
– Speed and clarity of reporting.

Envision comparison 2 houses

Envision Energy Assessment Auditing

Watch how Envision Energy Auditing software can help you.





Thermal images of 2 houses showing insulation differences with energy performance calculation


What British Gas said about IRT Surveys energy assessment service:

IRT Surveys have provided a professional and reliable service to British Gas and no job has been too last minute for them to deliver. The quality of the thermal images has been excellent which has enabled us to promote the issue of energy efficiency nationally. We would have no hesitation in commissioning IRT for future jobs.

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