Discover & Diagnose Energy Inefficiencies

What to expect from an IRT energy assessment

IRT Surveys uses infrared thermography and patented energy quantification software to diagnose energy inefficiencies and offer impartial remedial advice to clients.

1. Who should consider infrared thermography

Despite the surging global appetite for energy efficiency, many domestic and commercial property owners remain unsure of the best ways to equip their buildings for the future.

Wary of laborious and destructive energy assessment techniques with poor results for significant capital expenditure, the pressure is intensified by increasingly stringent legislation and approaching efficiency deadlines.

That’s why IRT Surveys’ service focuses on clarity. From our thermal images to our energy reports that break down potential problems in an easy to follow fashion, our service allows you to plan for the future with increased confidence.


Energy Inefficiency Ex: Cold air ingress via poor detailing below the window, seen by the colder blue and purple colours.

2. What you can expect

Next level energy assessment

It takes around three seconds to capture a thermal image capable of visually revealing potential areas of energy loss in the subject regardless of the severity.

Our patented* Envision software has raised the bar for energy assessments by helping detect regions of potential slumped/missing/damaged insulation and enabling potential savings to be calculated from recognised government standards such as SBEM and SAP. This visibility has helped our clients rank and rate buildings and duly prioritise refurbishment programs more efficiently than ever before. (*Patent granted in US and pending in UK & EU)

Whether you are seeking to maintain the value of your assets, reduce your carbon footprint or meet government standards and required energy efficiency regulations, our approach is revolutionising energy assessment in the areas that matter most – cost, independence and speed.

Impartial advice

IRT Surveys takes pride in the role it is playing in improving the energy efficiency of properties across the world and helping eliminate fuel poverty.

As we have no vested interest in any other product or service, the advice offered in each energy assessment is based on one thing and one thing only – what is best for you.

Our reports include likely savings from key areas such as draft proofing, lighting, insulation and boiler upgrades, all relayed in a simple to understand diet plan format.

property inspection report

In addition, our Carbon Dashboard is an online portal allowing clients to experiment in real time with changes to a given building’s fabric.

Not only does this provide an instant ROI advice for refurbishments ahead of capital expenditure, but clients also receive a clear and comprehensive ‘Diet Plan’’ for achieving a specified EPC rating.

Impartiality is at the core of our service, and in addition to our domestic clients, an increasing number of the following groups are also benefiting from our services:

  • Local authorities
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Cinemas
  • Office blocks
  • Police stations
  • Shopping centres

3. Holistic approach to energy assessment

As our approach is completely non-destructive, we can assess all areas of a property quickly and easily, even when access is restricted.

Such a holistic approach is often crucial for securing funding and enables our clients to effectively rank and rate their property stocks. This allows to target big wins quickly and implement measures efficiently.

Our projects range from single domestic dwellings to large-scale commercial developments. The speed and accuracy of our service makes it particularly suited to surveying substantial property portfolios for clients keen to identify problem buildings.

Crucially, you do not need to be a construction or energy expert to understand our reports. IRT Surveys has been providing thermal imaging of buildings since 2002 and continues to focus on the provision of easy to follow, clear and impartial reports.

Energy inefficiencies – what’s next?

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