Minimum Energy Performance Standards 2018

Minimum Energy Performance Standards 2018 MEPS

Minimum Energy Performance Standards 2018If you are managing a property portfolio it’s time to act before the new Minimum Energy Performance Standards come into effect.

Managing Energy Property Ratings falling below E

By 2018 a landlord of a commercial building or residential property may not be able to rent out a building that falls below the Energy Performance Rating of E. The current legislation was signed in 2007. It is proposed that even if a building has attained the minimum requirement of E rating by 2018, this system may be re-evaluated and down-class the E rating to F rating, falling very short of the minimum standards which are set to come into effect.

UK Wide

By the year 2018 it is conservatively estimated that 18 percent of the current built environment will not attain the EPC rating of F, however analysts reveal this figure is more like 30 percent of the built environment.

Solution for Portfolio Managers to attain Minimum Energy Performance Standards

The solution we offer you and each of your clients is our carbon diet plan.

We take thermal infrared images to weigh the carbon footprint of the property and prioritise the improvements. We upload the data onto the Carbon Dashboard to assess the impact of various actions to take and make recommendations. Thereafter, once the recommended actions to improve the EPR have been taken, we appraise the properties again to make sure that the actions have been appropriate and successful.

Why IRT Surveys?

IRT Surveys LiteratureSimply, we are:

  • 50 times faster than large ESCO companies
  • 10 times cheaper
  • and provide a pictorial solution agnostic, interactive and online

We deliver: Speed, Cost and Simplicity

  • 2-3 days
  • cost £5-6,000 no interest
  • uniformity of service and deliverable
  • engage and compel your client into action
  • shorten sales cycles

Are the buildings you own or manage at risk of falling foul of the legislation? Don’t wait 2018 to figure out what you need to do. Contact us by clicking the button below.

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