Residential Infrared Thermal Survey

Residential infrared thermal survey


Life is becoming unpleasant in your house. You are running out of jumpers to wear at once. Heating bills are increasing despite you having opted in for most if not all energy efficiency measures. Maybe you are starting to develop breathing problems as well. There is something wrong with your heating. This should not happen.

It is definitely putting a damper on your quality of life.


  • Your house is noticeably cold even when you have the heating on.
  • You suspect damp inside your walls, you may even see damp patches but you can’t find the source.
  • A water mark is developing on your ceiling. Where does that come from?
  • It is cold around the windows but you can’t feel a definite draught.

You want to find out what is sucking the heat out of your house.

What you need is a residential infrared thermal survey of your house. It will help you identify the source of the problems and take action to rectify it.

At IRT Surveys, we will provide you with a comprehensive and impartial residential infrared thermal survey service. We are not linked to any house improvement contractor so you get the advice you are looking for without any sales pitch. We offer a speedy, professional service delivered by local-to-you  surveyors using top of the range cameras and by analysts with more than 16 years experience. We are reputed to be friendly and approachable. We cover the whole of the UK, so there is always someone nearby to help you.

“IRT surveys are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them.” Mo, from Birmingham

IRT Surveys were called upon by BBC Watchdog at end of 2016 in their Special Energy Efficiency programme to help detect energy loss in a residential property in Scotland.

Not all houses are suitable for an infrared survey. To avoid wasting your time with a personal visit, you first need to answer a very short questionnaire about your property. Depending on your answers, you order a survey there and then or you will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss your requirements further.

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What is a residential infrared thermal imaging survey?

A residential infrared thermal imaging survey covers all rooms within the individual property. The surveyor take actual images and thermal images of suspect areas in the rooms. These thermal images will help identify the cause of draughts, possible missing insulation issues, source of dampness and faults with heating pipes and underfloor heating.

It can also include surveying external walls and roofs depending on the problems experienced.

A residential infrared thermal imaging survey typically takes between 1-2 hours to complete. This is however dependent on the size of your home.

What conditions are needed to carry out the survey?

For a survey involving images of external walls and roof, the weather must be dry and a temperature differential of at least 10degC between external and internal temperatures. This means that your heating must be switched on when the survey is conducted. In some cases, a survey can be conducted within days of the surveyor’s visit. In other cases it can be weeks. Infrared thermal surveys are very weather-dependent.

For a survey of internal space, your heating must be switched on and there must be as few obstructions on the floor as possible for safe access.

The surveyor needs safe access to the property to carry out the survey during the day inside and outside and if necessary outside at night.

What equipment is used?

IRT Surveys surveyors use top of the range FLIR thermal imaging cameras which are specified for building surveys such as this. A standard camera is also used to take corresponding visual images which help you and our analysts understand the thermal images better.

What will you receive?

Once the survey is conducted and the infrared thermal images taken, our Analysis office will receive the images and carefully analyse the images to pinpoint the defects. You will receive an electronic copy of your full printer-friendly colour infrared thermal survey report within 7 working days of the survey taking place.

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How much does a residential infrared thermal survey cost?

Our residential infrared thermal survey has a fixed price of £750+VAT (=£900)

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