Drone Images Help Fund School Roof Replacement

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Having secured funding for replacement of cladding, an Academy in Blackpool approached IRT Surveys’ Ray Langford, in hopes he could help with an ailing 60 year old roof which had not received funding approval for the year ahead, largely due to a lack of defect proof or ingress evidence.

After Ray talked the client through all the services that IRT Surveys could provide, and the below downloadable report commissioned by the Head of Estates was submitted to the funding body, the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) was satisfied that their needs were met and agreed to release a further £220,000 for the additional roof refurbishment.

Thanks to Ray, his drone, and our patented energy auditing software, Envision, the Academy will start work on the roof refurbishment this summer that otherwise would not have received government funding.

Click on the button below to download and read our School Roof Assessment and Funding case study.

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