The House Survey for data driven housing retrofit

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Leverage much needed grant funding for housing retrofit.
Save millions by optimising your refurbishment budget.
Reduce your workload by exploiting technology.

With The House Survey, at a click of a button, 

  • Find the best houses in your stock, as potential benchmark,
  • Find the worst houses that will need improved,
  • Find the houses that qualify for grants,
  • Know what you need to do to meet EESSH obligations in Scotland.

The House Survey snapshot

The House Survey
Whether your focus is on the social impact and meeting your EESSH obligations in Scotland or more commercially oriented, efficient stock will always be valuable stock.
Tenants spending less on energy mean they can more readily afford the rent. Rent paid on time means a more stable company.
Local authorities are already using it. Keep ahead of the game and ease your housing stock management.

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