Cavity Failure Rates in UK

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Cavity Failures

IRT surveys specialises in locating and identifying defects on buildings, be they industrial, commercial or residential using the capabilities of infrared thermal imaging.

We work closely with Housing Associations and local authorities to help them make informed decisions on their housing stock retrofit, making their maintenance and energy budgets go further and helping them attract funding.

Cavity Failure: Building surveying

We have surveyed more than 250,000 residential properties throughout the UK. Infrared thermal imaging is the ideal technology to survey housing stocks.  Surveys were conducted at night, in optimal surveying conditions for thermal imaging.

The purpose of the surveys was to identify the causes of poor energy efficiency so that the relevant Housing Association or Local Authority could make the right decisions and take action to address the problems.

Cavity Failure: Surveying results

After surveying housing stocks, we quantified and analysed the images, assessed the entire portfolio and provided data-driven advice.

Specifically looking at cavity failure, we have identified the worst-offending areas shown as red on the above Infographic.

Shockingly 24% of properties show cavity failure. This is not a new problem. It has indeed been reported widely before [Ask Jeff – Cavity Wall Insulation Problems – June 2015] . Affected residents are joining forces and forming associations to voice their concerns and fight the culprits.

Putting the results into a picture however reveals the extent of the problem.

As the temperatures are dipping and heating is being switched on, now is the right time to get your housing portfolio assessed. It is a fast, efficient and visual way to get to the root of your energy efficiency dilemna.

Areas shown in grey haven’t yet been surveyed.  If you are an housing association or local authority operating in these areas, and would like to find out what the situation in your area is, do get in touch to organise a survey.

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