Sloane Stanley Estate Energy Loss Assessment

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Infrared thermographic survey of buildings to assess energy loss before and after renovation

This was a first for the Estate and we have enjoyed working with IRT on this project. They guided us through the reports and showed just how beneficial the works had been to the performance of the parade. This has opened our eyes to the possibilities and we expect to see a lot more of IRT in the future.
Richard Everett, Estate Manager


Our client

The Sloane Stanley Estate is one of the oldest and most prestigious landowning estates in Chelsea, London, owning and managing many hundreds of residential and commercial properties. The Estate is an active manager of its properties and has undertaken many developments large and small over recent years.

Sloane Stanley Estate Renovation Initiative

As part of ongoing improvements to its assets, Sloane Stanley Estate commissioned IRT Surveys to survey and assess its properties with regards to heat loss and locate defects.

IRT surveys Solution

Infrared Thermographic survey conducted by certified IRT surveys thermographer, before and after renovation of north end of the building block representing 20 individual properties.

Elevation of each property thermally imaged.

Analysis of thermal images and submission of detailed comparison report by experienced IRT analyst.

Survey Findings

Before renovation (left), identification of numerous areas of high levels of heat loss, mainly around windows, at eaves and at building junctions suggesting poor building detailing and general deterioration to the building.
After renovation (right), identification of improvements to the overall consistency of the building with a more consistent and improved thermal performance. Also identification of areas requiring further work.

Sloane Stanley Energy Loss Assessment Before & After

Benefits for Sloane Stanley Estate

  • Efficient targeting of repairs.
  • Visual and easy-to-understand assessment of building energy performance.
  • Accurate and reliable results.
  • Fast turnaround of results.
  • Confirmation of improvement and clear requirements for further work. 
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Click here to view .pdf version of Sloane Stanley Estate Renovation Initiative case study