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Infrared thermographic survey of housing stock to measure energy efficiency and inform 2020 Fuel Poverty Plan

Yarlington Housing Group approached IRT Surveys because they offered a unique patented service for assessing our housing assets using infra-red thermography and because there was limited data around the quality of the wall insulation of our properties. IRT helped us by thermally surveying our entire stock and integrating the information into a comprehensive database which we are incorporating into our new 2020 Fuel Poverty Plan. We are able to interact with the database using their online tools in order to answer the ‘what if’ questions when considering fabric alterations. One thing I liked was their ability to quickly understand our requirements and to deliver the project on time and to budget. I found the experience positive and engaging; IRT did a brilliant job of carrying out a comprehensive thermal image stock survey which provided an actual picture of our stock portfolio’s thermal performance.
Julian Scott, Sustainability Manager


Our client

Yarlington Housing Group is a not for profit charitable organisation, based in Yeovil, Somerset (UK).

It owns and manages over 10,000 properties across the South West England. Through Government-funded scheme it also offers people the chance to get their first step on the property ladder and buy their own home.

Yarlington Housing Group Fuel Poverty Plan Initiative

As part of ongoing housing improvements and due to limited property wall insulation quality data available, Yarlington Housing Group commissioned IRT Surveys to survey and evaluate the current condition and energy performance of their housing stock.
The housing association asked for 10,000 properties to be surveyed, each of them ranked and rated with regards to its footprint.

IRT surveys Solution

Infrared Thermographic survey conducted by certified IRT surveys thermographer.
Creation of Envision palette for each property by experienced IRT analysts
Upload on Carbon Dashboard

• 10,000 properties surveyed
• Front elevation of each property thermally imaged and geotagged with its exact location.
• Data processed and analysed to SAP2012 using IRT surveys unique patented energy software Envision to identify and assess regions of heat loss caused by missing/damaged insulation.

Survey Findings, Use of Envision & Carbon Dashboard

Identification of house characteristics: cavity-filled, no insulation, previous sub-standard insulation.

Unique image using IRT surveys Envision palette created for each property showing potential Energy, Cost and CO2 savings.

SAP data from each property exported directly into IRT surveys unique Carbon Dashboard software allowing the whole of the surveyed stock to be managed and compared

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Yarlington Housing Group - Energy Efficiency images IRT Carbon Dashboard - Energy Efficiency


Benefits to Yarlington Housing Group

  • Independent survey.
  • Accurate and reliable results.
  • Fast turnaround of results.
  • Efficient manipulation of stock improvements with easy to use and understand online Carbon Dashboard.
  • Incorporation of findings in 2020 Fuel Poverty Plan.
  • Ability to develop and implement a targeted refurbishment and insulation programme.
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